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Ghana Nite Night Clubs Telephone Directory


Shalimar Nite Club 0302-227000
Bermuda Jazz Club 0302-241883/024
Indigo 0244-365177
Glenns Night Club 0302-237148
Moon Night Club 0302-664726/305
Benj’y Pub & Grill 02034 2040441
Boomerang Night Club 030234 201372/73/
Dons Place Night Club 0302-769152/024
Friday Bar, Restaurant And Night Club 022-401431
Fox Trap Night Club 02034 2024516
Indigo Night Club 0302-782556
Macumba Night Club 02433 2138325

Oops Nite Club 0302-247460
Savannah Bar 0302-762771
Temptations 024-4684848
The Office Wine & Bar 024-317299
Wakiki Restaurant & Night Club 0302-226866
Zanzi-Bar 024-4608737
Benjy’s Pub & Restaurant 02034 2040441
Don’s Place 0302-769152
Warehouse Nite Club 0302-225599

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