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List Of Aviation Schools In Ghana 2020

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Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies

Ghana CAA Aviation Training Academy

APTECH Aviation & Hospitality Academy

Mish Aviation



Company name
International School of Aviation
Behind VRA Quarters, Comm. 3, Tema, Ghana
Mobile phone



Company name
Global Institute Of Aviation
Adj. Iran Clinic, Adabraka, Accra, Ghana
Mobile phone



Finding the Right Aviation School


It is not easy to find a flying school. There are different types of aviation academies. You will be surprised to find so many choices. It is not a matter of giving in to impulse. You will have to make the right selection with care. If you do not have any prior flying experience, it will be even more important. There are different factors which will help you make the right choice.


Before you select an aircraft institute, do try to determine, why you want to fly.


Is it for fun only? Do you want to just be up in the sky and the cloud? Are you trying to fulfill your dream for flying only? Or are you serious and want to take it up as your career? These questions will put you in the right path and will help you select one of the flying schools.


The next set of question is also important in deciding the college. Where do you want to fly? Do want to be limited to your area only? Or do you want to cross the borders and invade the sky of other countries? The aircraft of your dream will also be another deciding factor. What does your dream say? Do you see yourself flying a shiny, new commercial aircraft? Or does your dream project an image of you flying a small aircraft? Remember that these questions are important as there are different types of training programs for each one of the flying goals.


When you are through with asking yourself all these questions, you will be able to select one of the academies.


You will find different types of such schools available. Short list the schools and try to find out what kind of courses each of the schools offer. Go through the pamphlet carefully. However, do not rely on the words of the pamphlets only. Make sure to do some individual research.


You should visit each one of the schools in person and have a talk with the concerned person. Do not hesitate in asking questions. If you fail to understand what they are saying, make sure to ask. It will save you from future troubles. Inquire about the number of students. Some aviation schools provide individual instructor. Ask whether you will be getting one or not. Remember that to be safe is to be knowledgeable. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of enquiry before taking any decision.

Application Tips For List Of Aviation Schools In Ghana

  1. Choose institutions that reflect what you want to achieve.
  2. Pay a visit in person if you can and speak to students who have been admitted and ask for tips.
  3. Get recommendations from people that will make a difference between acceptance or rejection.
  4. Begin the application process and make sure you check-list all that is required of you.
  5. Provide additional information that may be relevant to your application.
  6. In this day and age of social media you must remember to manage your online presence.
  7. It will be in your best interest to go to the admissions office in person to find out about any updated information.
  8. It is very important not to miss any deadlines.
  9. Go over the application fully before you finally submit and make sure you have provided all required information.
  10. Make sure to choose recommendations that will make a positive difference to your application.

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