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List Of Double Track Schools In Ghana 2021

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List of 400 Senior High Schools released for double track system

Starting September 2018, second cycle schools in Ghana will run a semester module as part of moves to address infrastructural challenges brought on by the Free SHS programme.

Regional breakdown of schools

Ashanti Region – 79
Brong Ahafo Region – 41
Central Region – 45
Eastern Region – 60
Greater Accra Region – 42
Northern Region – 33
Upper East Region – 18
Upper West Region – 19
Volta Region – 30
Western Region – 35

Not all SHSs will run double-track system

President Nana Akufo-Addo had said earlier that the double track system would not be applicable in all Senior High Schools.

He said the policy would only be applicable in schools facing infrastructure challenges due to a large number of students admitted under the free SHS programme.

The president said the system would reduce class sizes and increase the number of holidays.

"This double track calendar system is not going to be applied to all senior high schools but only to those whose current capacity will be exceeded by the number of admitted students. This system will not destroy our educational system, as the professional naysayers would want you to believe," he said.

Double Track System

The new school calendar is an intervention that allows schools to accommodate more students within the same facility and is often motivated by its potential to reduce overcrowding, as well as save costs relative to new school construction in the short term.

The sector minister revealed that under the new system, candidates are placed in two categories – Green Track and Gold Track – signaling the commencement of the double track system.

"Those placed on the Green Track will resume school on September 11, 2018 while those on the Gold Track will resume on November 8, 2018," he said.

Application Tips For List Of Double Track Schools In Ghana

  1. Choose institutions that reflect what you want to achieve.
  2. Pay a visit in person if you can and speak to students who have been admitted and ask for tips.
  3. Get recommendations from people that will make a difference between acceptance or rejection.
  4. Begin the application process and make sure you check-list all that is required of you.
  5. Provide additional information that may be relevant to your application.
  6. In this day and age of social media you must remember to manage your online presence.
  7. It will be in your best interest to go to the admissions office in person to find out about any updated information.
  8. It is very important not to miss any deadlines.
  9. Go over the application fully before you finally submit and make sure you have provided all required information.
  10. Make sure to choose recommendations that will make a positive difference to your application.

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