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Qualities Of A Good Nurse

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Solid communication skill is the basic foundation for any career, for nurses it is one of the most indispensable skills. A great nurse should have excellent communication skills, especially when it comes to speaking and listening.

A good nurse should be able to advocate for her patients and anticipate their needs.


Nursing is very stressful and so the ability to deal with suffering and death without letting it get personal is crucial.

There are moments of highlight such as helping a patient recover, reuniting families, or bonding with fellow nurses that brings joy to ones heart.


Great nurses have empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. They are able to feel compassion and provide comfort. However, be prepared for the occasional bout of compassion fatigue; it happens to the greatest of nurses. Learn how to recognize the symptoms and deal with it efficiently.


A great nurse is flexible with his/her working hours and responsibilities. Nurses, like doctors, are often required to work long periods of overtime, late or overnight shifts, and weekends.

Attention to Detail

Every step in the medical field is very crucial and thus a good nurse pays close attention to detail and is careful not to make errors.

From reading a patient's chart correctly to remembering details of a delicate case, there's nothing that should be left to chance in nursing.

Interpersonal Skills

A Nurse is the link between a doctor and his patients. A good nurse has excellent interpersonal skills and works well in a variety of situations with different people.

Doctors depend on nurses to take care of their patients. A great nurse balances the needs of patient and Doctor as seamlessly as possible.

Physical Endurance

Frequent physical tasks, standing for long periods of time, heavy lifting, and performing a number of duties on a daily basis are part of the norm on a typical day.

It is therefore important to stay strong, eating right, and have a healthy lifestyle.

Problem Solving Skills

A great nurse is able to think quickly on their feet and address problems.

With sick patients, trauma cases, and emergencies, nurses always need to be on hand to deal with such situations.

Quick Responses

Nurses need to be ready to respond quickly to emergencies and other situations that arise while keeping their head cool and having a calm attitude.

Mutual Respect

Good nurses respect people and rules. They remain impartial at all times and are mindful of confidentiality requirements and different cultures and traditions.

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