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TVET Education In Ghana

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Level of Technical and Vocational Education
Technical and Vocational education and training are delivered at three levels, namely, Basic Education, Second-Cycle and Tertiary Education levels. At the Basic Education level, technical and vocational education starts from the Junior Secondary School.
At the Second-Cycle level, technical and vocational education is provided in the Secondary Technical Schools, Technical Institutions, Vocational Schools/Training Centers and other post-basic education training institutions as well as in some of the initial Teacher Training Colleges.

Technical education at the tertiary level is delivered at the Polytechnics and other professional institutions, with the Universities being the highest level.

Purpose of Technical and Vocational Education
The purpose of the technical and vocational education at the non-degree level is to provide young men and women with technical and vocational skills training (in addition to general education) in order to enable them fulfill the country’s technical manpower needs, including self-employment in the fields of industry, business and agriculture.

Access to Technical/Vocational Programme
Students who complete Basic Education may enter a Technical Institute or a Senior Secondary School, where they take 3-year programmes. Senior Secondary School graduates may proceed to the University for Degree Courses or to Polytechnics for Higher National Diploma (HND) courses; or to any of the other tertiary institutions to train for careers of their choice. Others may also go to technical institutions for technician courses. Those who complete technician courses may proceed to the Polytechnics for HND courses. Graduates from Polytechnics may enter any of the Universities to undertake degree courses.

Categories for Pre-Tertiary Institutions and Programme
There are 160 public technical and vocational institutions including 22 Technical Institutes under GES, 19 National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) Centers under the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare and others run by various Government Organizations. In addition, there are 250 officially registered private vocational schools/training centers operated by individuals, Churches and NGOs.

These technical and vocational institutions offer courses covering theoretical and practical training as well as general education on the following programmes:

a. Full-time Programmes
•    Pre-Employment Courses
•    Block-Release Courses
•    Short Courses (as requested by various industrial and commercial organizations)

b. Part-time Programmes
•    Afternoon Classes
•    Evening Classes

A wide range of skills, craft and technician courses are offered under many disciplines including the following:
•    Agriculture
•    Building Trades
•    Business Studies
•    Catering
•    Dressmaking and Fashion Engineering

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