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Nursing Post For 2020

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Procedure for registering with the National Service Scheme (NSS)


Go to the National Service Scheme (NSS) website - CLICK HERE

Click on Enrollment.

Enter your Pin Code eg: GHS123456 (this code is from the NSS and it is issued by NMC during Registration).

Complete the Registration Form.

When completed click on the submit button.

Wait a while, a new number (NSS Number) will be generated for you at the top left hand corner of the form.

This number would be required when checking your posting on-line.

How to check postings with the NSS

Go to the National Service Scheme (NSS) website - CLICK HERE

Click on postings.

Enter your NSS Number.

Posting form and letter will appear for printing.

Submit it at NSS Regional Office for Registration.

Go to the Regional Director of the Health Services (RDHS) for further
posting instruction or his/her designated representative. That is, the
DDNS in-charge of your respective region.

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