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Interviews at Ghana Education Service

ICT Teacher Interview


I applied in-person. The process took a week. I interviewed at Ghana Education Service(Koforidua, Eastern (Ghana)) in September-2015.


It was a transfer from one district to another. All I needed was an assurance letter from the headmaster of my current station. Because I was already teaching, it was not as if I am being interviewed for the first time for employment.

After some few questions , he assured me of a vacancy to teach ICT in the school.

Interview Questions

  • What one thing moved you to become a teacher.


My salary was already known to me. It was a standard amount that is paid to teacher with my qualification, grade and level.


Accountant Interview


I applied in-person. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Ghana Education Service(Ho (Ghana)) in July-2015.


I applied for the position of an accountant and was scheduled for an interview a week later. i then got myself prepared and went for the interview on the date and time given.

Interview Questions

  • My work experience was the major question the panelists dwelt on.  


Assistant Director II Interview


I applied in-person. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Ghana Education Service(Cape Coast (Ghana)) in May-2014.


It was a promotion interview from a Principal Superintendent to Assistant Director 2. It was a panel of 4 with a secretary. There were no computers to record the marks of interviewees. The secretary recorded every manually. However, the sitting arrangements were done well.

Interview Questions

  • Describe your job as a teacher in few words?
  • State one weakness of yours.
  • How do you see yourself 5 years from now in the Ghana Education Service?
  • Talk to us about yourself.
  • Do you have some questions for us?


Real promotions are given based on existence of vacant posts to which a person is promoted, and on the assessment of ability of individual employee to handle the enhanced responsibilities. The vacancies for promotion are created in several ways including promotion or transfer of persons at higher posts, expansion in operations of company, and people at higher posts retiring or resigning from the company. The assessment of ability of candidate for promotion is determined by his current performance, as well as level of capability as demonstrated in the current position

A nominal promotion on the other hand, results in changes elevating the person to a higher level of employment grade that determines the persons pay and other benefit, but is not accompanied by any significant increase in responsibilities.

Nominal promotions are more like reward to employees for their current performance and for continued loyalty to company or organization. Therefore the main criteria for nominal promotions are record of performance in the job and length of service in the current grade.

The Ghana Education Service herein called the GES, currently has the following ranks in order of seniority

1. Director General
2. Director
3. Assistant Director I
4. Assistant Director II
5. Principal Superintendent
6. Senior Superintendent I
7. Senior Superintendent II
8. Superintendent II
9. Superintendent I
10. Teacher.
In its terms of conditions, the GES has stated two basic criteria for promotions in the Service, namely: by further education and by number of years in service. Sadly however, the only time employees of GES get to be promoted based on further studies is when he/she is below the rank of a Principal Superintendent. Afterwards, all other promotion(s) is based on the number of years served on your current rank which ranges from four to seven years.

For the avoidance of doubt, promotions in the GES for teachers is only felt in the change in rank name and nothing or an infinitesimal change in designation/responsibility. For instance one can find at least one of each rank in the GES rank order on a staff who are all in the classroom or aresubject teachers. To put it simpler, there are Deputy Directors who are teaching in the primay school, there are equally Diploma holders who are teaching at the JHS or some Principal Superintendents teaching in the training colleges etc.

Following from above, we can thus conclude that promotions in the GES falls under the nominal promotion category and should be based solely on performance in the job and length of service in the current grade.

Richard Kwasi Anim
Email: [email protected]


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