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Ghanaian Passport Visa Free Countries

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Country Visa requirement Notes (excluding departure fees)
 Afghanistan Visa required[2]
 Albania Visa required[3]
 Algeria Visa required[4]
 Andorra Visa required[5]
 Angola Visa required[6]
 Antigua and Barbuda Electronic Entry Visa[7]
 Argentina Visa required[8]
 Armenia Visa required[9]
 Australia Online Visitor e600 visa[10] May apply online.[11]
 Austria Visa required[12]
 Azerbaijan Visa required[13]
 Bahamas Visa required[14]
 Bahrain eVisa[15] 14 days
 Bangladesh Visa not required[16]
 Barbados Visa not required[17]
 Belarus Visa required[18]
 Belgium Visa required[19]
 Belize Visa not required[20]
 Benin Visa not required[21]
 Bhutan Visa required[22]
 Bolivia Visa on arrival[23] 90 days
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa required[24]
 Botswana Visa required[25]
 Brazil Visa required[26]
 Brunei Visa required[27]
 Bulgaria Visa required[28]
 Burkina Faso Visa not required[29]
 Burundi Visa required[30]
 Cambodia Visa on arrival[31] 30 days
 Cameroon Visa required[32]
 Canada Visa required[33]
 Cape Verde Visa not required[34]
 Central African Republic Visa required[35]
 Chad Visa required[36]
 Chile Visa required[37]
 China Visa required[38]
 Colombia Visa required[39] May apply online.[40]
 Comoros Visa on arrival[41]
 Republic of the Congo Visa required[42]
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa required[43]
 Costa Rica Visa required[44]
 Cte d'Ivoire Visa not required[45]
 Croatia Visa required[46]
 Cuba Visa required[47]
 Cyprus Visa required[48]
 Czech Republic Visa required[49]
 Denmark Visa required[50]
 Djibouti Visa on arrival[51]
 Dominica Visa not required[52] 6 months
 Dominican Republic Visa required[53]
 Ecuador Visa not required[54] 90 days
 Egypt Visa required[55]
 El Salvador Visa required[56]
 Equatorial Guinea Visa required[57]
 Eritrea Visa required[58]
 Estonia Visa required[59]
 Ethiopia Visa required[60]
 Fiji Visa not required[61] 4 months
 Finland Visa required[62]
 France Visa required[63]
 Gabon eVisa[64] Electronic visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport.
 Gambia Visa not required[65] 90 days
 Georgia eVisa[66]
 Germany Visa required[67]
 Greece Visa required[68]
 Grenada Visa not required[69]
 Guatemala Visa required[70]
 Guinea Visa not required[71]
 Guinea-Bissau Visa not required[72] 90 days
 Guyana Visa required[73]
 Haiti Visa not required[74] 3 months
 Honduras Visa required[75]
 Hungary Visa required[76]
 Iceland Visa required[77]
 India Visa required[78]
 Indonesia Visa not required[79] 30 days
 Iran Visa on arrival[80] 15 days
 Iraq Visa required[81]
 Ireland Visa required[82]
 Israel Visa required[83]
 Italy Visa required[84]
 Jamaica Visa not required[85]
 Japan Visa required[86]
 Jordan Visa required[87]
 Kazakhstan Visa required[88]
 Kenya Visa not required[89] 90 days
 Kiribati Visa required[90]
 North Korea Visa required[91]
 South Korea Visa required[92]
 Kuwait Visa required[93]
 Kyrgyzstan Visa required[94]
 Laos Visa required[95]
 Latvia Visa required[96]
 Lebanon Visa required[97] In addition to a visa, an approval should be obtained from the Immigration department of the General Directorate for General Secutiy (La Surete Generale).
 Lesotho Visa required[98]
 Liberia Visa not required[99]
 Libya Visa required[100]
 Liechtenstein Visa required[101]
 Lithuania Visa required[102]
 Luxembourg Visa required[103]
 Macedonia Visa required[104]
 Madagascar Visa on arrival[105] 90 days
 Malawi Visa required[106]
 Malaysia Visa required[107]
 Maldives Visa on arrival[108] 30 days
 Mali Visa not required[109]
 Malta Visa required[110]
 Marshall Islands Visa required[111]
 Mauritania Visa on arrival[112] Available at NouakchottOumtounsy International Airport.
 Mauritius Visa not required[113] 90 days
 Mexico Visa required[114]
 Micronesia Visa not required[115] 30 days
 Moldova Visa required[116]
 Monaco Visa required[117]
 Mongolia Visa required[118]
 Montenegro Visa required[119]
 Morocco Visa required[120]
 Mozambique Visa on arrival[121] 30 days
 Myanmar eVisa[122] 28 days
 Namibia Visa required[123]
 Nauru Visa required[124] Criminal record and medical fitness certificates are not required for nationals of Ghana.[125]
   Nepal Visa required[126]
 Netherlands Visa required[127]
 New Zealand Visa required[128]
 Nicaragua Visa on arrival[129] 90 days
 Niger Visa not required[130]
 Nigeria Visa not required[131]
 Norway Visa required[132]
 Oman Visa required[133]
 Pakistan Visa required[134]
 Palau Visa on arrival[135] 30 days
 Panama Visa required[136]
 Papua New Guinea Visa required[137]
 Paraguay Visa required[138]
 Peru Visa required[139]
 Philippines Visa not required[140] 30 days
 Poland Visa required[141]
 Portugal Visa required[142]
 Qatar Visa required[143]
 Romania Visa required[144]
 Russia Visa required[145]
 Rwanda Visa on arrival[146]
 Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa not required[147]
 Saint Lucia Visa on arrival[148] 6 weeks
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa not required[149] 30 days
 Samoa Entry Permit on arrival[150] 60 days
 San Marino Visa required[151]
 So Tom and Prncipe Visa required[152] Visa is obtained online.[153]
 Saudi Arabia Visa required[154]
 Senegal Visa not required[155]
 Serbia Visa required[156]
 Seychelles Visitor's Permit on arrival[157] 3 months
 Sierra Leone Visa not required[158]
 Singapore Visa not required[159] 30 days
 Slovakia Visa required[160]
 Slovenia Visa required[161]
 Solomon Islands Visa required[162]
 Somalia Visa required[163] Visa on arrival for 30 days, provided an invitation letter issued by the sponsor has been submitted
to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival.
 South Africa Visa required[164]
 South Sudan Visa required[165]
 Spain Visa required[166]
 Sri Lanka Visa required[167]
 Sudan Visa required[168]
 Suriname Visa required[169]
 Swaziland Visa not required[170] 30 days
 Sweden Visa required[171]
  Switzerland Visa required[172]
 Syria Visa required[173]
 Tajikistan Visa required[174]
 Tanzania Visa not required[175] 3 months
 Thailand Visa required[176]
 Timor-Leste Visa on arrival[177] 30 days
 Togo Visa not required[178]
 Tonga Visa required[179]
 Trinidad and Tobago Visa not required[180]
 Tunisia Visa required[181]
 Turkey Visa required[182]
 Turkmenistan Visa required[183]
 Tuvalu Visa on arrival[184] 1 month
 Uganda Visa on arrival[185] May apply online.[186]
 Ukraine Visa required[187]
 United Arab Emirates Visa required[188]
 United Kingdom Visa required[189]
 United States Visa required[190]
 Uruguay Visa required[191]
 Uzbekistan Visa required[192]
 Vanuatu Visa required[193]
  Vatican City Visa required[194]
 Venezuela Visa required[195]
 Vietnam Visa required[196]
 Yemen Visa required[197]
 Zambia Visa on arrival[198] 90 days
 Zimbabwe Visa not required[199] 3 months

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