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Predictions For Sunday Special: Sunday 24 March 2019

Sunday Special

Prediction #1: 18-((86))-((1))-7-71

Prediction #2: ((3))-68-((6))-40-20

Prediction #3: ((43))-((5))-47-90-28

Machine #1: 16-((59))-((52))-15-58

Machine #2: 21-((34))-73-((2))-64

Machine #3: 42-((55))-48-((26))-87

Lucky Numbers For Today 24 Mar 2019


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The numbers in ((brackets)) are most likely to play according to the system, and this is what some refer to as sure numbers. Each set has its own sure numbers.
The three predictions and machines give you three choices to choose from, so decide which of the three WINNINGS to choose and which of the three MACHINES to choose or whether to mix them for the day's game.
You can also decide to use only the sure numbers or build numbers using our free tools, either way it's up to you to study the system well and know what works best.

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NLA Prediction Success (24-Dec-2018)NLA Prediction/Banker Success (31-Dec-2018)
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Latest Lotto Draw Result

National Weekly Mar 23, 2019
Event #2945

WIN: 23-89-7-40-74
MAC: 55-28-58-27-25

Top 10 Most Drawn Winning Numbers 2019


Lotto Results For The Month

DateWinning NumbersMachine Numbers
23/03/19 National Weekly23-89-7-40-7455-28-58-27-25
22/03/19 Friday Bonanza62-87-63-41-2274-56-17-61-54
21/03/19 Fortune Thursday71-85-40-78-7288-68-79-50-67
20/03/19 Mid Week60-27-49-89-3018-70-63-67-46
19/03/19 Lucky Tuesday17-63-52-46-7876-38-53-59-69
18/03/19 Monday Special04-76-63-02-1220-33-44-08-29
16/03/19 National Weekly22-89-80-59-0858-20-15-84-71
15/03/19 Friday Bonanza60-27-68-52-3108-26-54-07-20
14/03/19 Fortune Thursday36-88-11-18-2124-63-43-01-83
13/03/19 Mid Week40-88-14-82-4162-55-66-61-84
12/03/19 Lucky Tuesday12-71-17-60-7890-56-09-26-33
11/03/19 Monday Special24-19-18-48-5528-51-78-70-03
09/03/19 National Weekly29-61-35-45-8034-03-39-81-74
08/03/19 Friday Bonanza67-81-90-69-1952-06-37-68-17
07/03/19 Fortune Thursday24-27-67-87-3978-44-33-25-28
05/03/19 Lucky Tuesday04-20-67-47-8777-17-50-10-35
04/03/19 Monday Special90-53-56-48-3852-54-05-72-07
02/03/19 National Weekly59-18-55-58-7482-35-21-57-30
01/03/19 Friday Bonanza14-42-61-22-8711-41-18-77-43
28/02/19 Fortune Thursday15-7-6-84-7063-76-1-11-49
27/02/19 Mid Week36-34-53-65-3984-8-44-42-6
26/02/19 Lucky Tuesday45-57-59-08-6487-75-26-42-24
25/02/19 Monday Special16-86-87-15-4243-61-44-72-5
23/02/19 National Weekly67-78-30-71-1724-66-5-52-80
22/02/19 Friday Bonanza44-69-19-17-2656-90-11-78-37
21/02/19 Fortune Thursday52-23-70-47-2073-54-80-71-8
20/02/19 Mid Week71-49-63-19-3977-88-26-64-80
19/02/19 Lucky Tuesday26-62-4-53-691-27-2-3-30
18/02/19 Monday Special86-51-23-50-6953-27-76-78-37
16/02/19 National Weekly28-54-16-65-1321-71-24-45-86

Note: Results are published immediately after the NLA draw announcement

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