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Install 3g Internet Modem On Strong SRT4920, 4922 & 4922A

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Strong decoders are such powerful receivers that even the manufacturers are finding it difficult to control its capabilities. Thanks to those soft modders out there who are helping us to get more values for our money on strong decoders. I was giving a CCCAM account to test by a client but unfortunately for me, I don't have a router to use with my strong 4922A decoder. In my eagerness and anxiousness for a way forward.. I went online to search, and after spend some hours, I eventually found a strong software that has support for 3g USB modem.


In the picture above is the interface of my CCCAM Server. Like i always said, please always upgrade your decoder at your own risk because several things can go wrong from your which i will not be responsible for. 

The major three problems that can go wrong are due to your negligence.

 1. you may be upgrading when the electricity is not stable thereby frying your decoder, 

2. you may use a corrupt USB flash drive to copy the firmware and finally you decoder may be fake and 

3. if you load this firmware on the wrong model of strong other than the one mentioned above, you will fry your decoder the firmware I attached only work with strong 4920, 4922 and 4922A. If you are guilty of the three things above, you are on your own because you will definitely fry your decoder.


The new software am about to give you here add so many features and beauty to your strong decoder without removing anything whatsoever. One you load this software appropriately, you are good to go. Below are some of the features it will add to your decoder;

  • It restore some audio problems,
  • All the Graphical User Interface of your decoder will be changed completely,
  • Your Dongle option will either remain intact or be restored
  • Solves some decoders not working with dongles
  • This firmware only works with strong decoders 4920, 4922 and 4922A



First insert your internet enabled modem with a 3g powered sim card.Press menu on your remote, then select system settings as shown above.

  • You will be taking to the window above where you will see IP Settings.
  • From the IP Settings window, you will see the internet protocols of which you will select 3g modem from the least and manually fill your username and password as it is applicable to your internet service provider.
  • after entering your APN, Simply press the red button on your remote in order to enable your connection
  • You are done, you can now either browse the YouTube, maps, news, internet radio on your decoder or simply connect your cccam account on your decoder without using a LAN with your PC or without using a router.


Download SRT4920 131p 130819 3g modem setup files


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