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 Choosing a course of study is one of the most important decisions every student makes in his or her academic pursuits. It is essential to check that qualifications are relevant, widely accepted and valued by higher education institutes, universities and employers.

Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world's largest provider of international education programmes for students between the ages of 5-19 years whose qualifications are widely recognized and accepted throughout the world including Sub-Saharan Africa.

Success in Cambridge qualifications often give students admission to the best universities in the world - in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and most importantly your child's choice of university anywhere around the globe including Ghana.

Dison International School (DIS) is a typical example of schools that run the Cambridge Assessment International Education in Ghana. It emerged from Dolly Memorial crèche and nursery school which started from a very humble beginning in a garage of house number D7 at the Labone Estates in September 1970 with six children forming the nucleus of the school.

Admission arrangement at DIS begins with the completion of a registration form which may be downloaded from the schools website ( filled and submitted at the school. Alternatively, registration can be done by completing the form at the school and purchasing an admission form.

In an interview to assess the patronage of the school by Ghanaian parents and individuals and its relevance to the Ghanaian cosmopolitan society, the principal of the school, Mr Isaac Rockson-Ekpe said DIS runs the Cambridge programme that hinges on equipping students with critical thinking skills, deeper knowledge and understanding of issues which makes them independent learners and exposes them to the world.

According to him, the intention of establishing an international school in Ghana for children from diverse cultural backgrounds is to prepare pupils for a globalized world.

He said DIS, therefore exists to meet the academic needs of Ghanaians who aspire to pursue international education not only limited to Ghana or Africa but one that would enable them to access education globally as well as for expatriates in Ghana who are on either temporary or permanent official duties and would want their children to access international education.

At present, the school has students who are expatriates from Liberia, Kenya and Nigeria pursuing education at various levels.

Mr Rockson-Ekpe said going forward, hopefully, with awareness creation, Ghanaian parents would want their children to pursue the Cambridge education because it is the kind of education that is known globally to have integrity and provides easy access to higher education.

He said it is more practical-oriented and designed to give students exposure and global perspective adding that, it focuses more on application of knowledge than recall of facts.

According to him, international education at DIS is for everybody and not only the high-class in society because their fees are very affordable with flexible payment options.

As an emerging Cambridge qualifications provider, he said DIS has the requisite human resource and the necessary facilities needed to aid effective teaching and learning and ensure that no child is left behind.

"Parents and Guardians will find it fulfilling to enroll their wards at DIS", he said.

Though expensive, international education is still an option that can be pursued by students since education being a right, is also a matter of choice. Admittedly, it has complemented and bridged the gap in many ways in choice and pursuit for good education.


Published by GWS Online GH : 2017-12-14

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