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National Service Scheme (NSS) six months extension to service personnel


The National Service Scheme (NSS) has announced an optional six months extension to service personnel still at duty post who wish to be redeployed for additional duties.

In a statement, the NSS said volunteers who want to be part of the extension should apply online at to be considered for the redeployment.  

The statement signed and issued in Accra by the Acting Executive Director of the Scheme, Dr Michael Kpessa-Whyte explained that the redeployment of personnel for the purposes of the extension will be mainly to public sector user agencies.

These institutions it said included educational institutions especially schools, the National Commission for Civic Education, Electoral Commission, and various units and departments within the District Assemblies.  

Dr Kpessa-Whyte urged service personnel who are willing to gain additional work experience through service by working with different user agencies, to visit the Scheme's website and apply before Friday, August 19, 2016.  

The statement also announced that the month of August, 2016 has been declared as the annual leave month for all 2015/2016 national service personnel prior to the official end of the service.  

The Electoral Commission for instance has expressed interest in wanting to use national service personnel to help organise this year's general elections.

Published by GWS Online GH : 2016-08-03

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