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KNUST - Lebanese Ambassador Calls on Vice Chancellor

 Lebanese Ambassador's Visit

His Excellency Ali Halabi, the Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana, paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor, Professor Kwasi Obiri-Danso, on 30th September 2016. His Excellency Halabi’s visit was a follow-up of his visit with the Lebanese community in Ghana during which scholarships were given to Ghanaian students of the Faculty of Law. The scholarship scheme was instituted in 2013 by His Excellency Halabi and the Lebanese community in Ghana and the package covered university fees (AFUF) and charges such as residential facility user fees (RFUF). So far, a total of thirty-two (32) students have benefited from the scholarship since 2013. The ambassador stated that fifteen (15) of the beneficiaries were accepted into the Law School and he was satisfied with their performance so far because according to reports reaching him, ten (10) of them were academically among the best students in the school. He remarked that other faculties would be included in the scholarship scheme in future. He presented a list of four (4) students who are beneficiaries of the scholarship this year. His Excellency made it known to the Vice Chancellor that the scholarship did not only cover students studying Law but Media as well.

Professor Obiri-Danso, Vice Chancellor, was grateful to the ambassador for his visit as it showed that he was personally interested in the education of students thereby supporting the school. He urged the ambassador to increase the number of students on the scholarship scheme from four (4) to six (6) students. He appreciated the fact that they also put the students into law firms for internships. The Vice Chancellor outlined the steps he was taking to support female students in Mathematics and Science and hoped that the ambassador would support the idea.

Mr. Ahmed Naamann, Chairman, Ghana Tourism Federation, stated that the scholarship scheme was set up by Ghanaian-born Lebanese businessmen and so it should not be seen as a charitable offer but as a social responsibility in giving back to their own community.

Lebanese Ambassador

The ambassador in his final words commended the Vice Chancellor and his team for their help and support. Some lecturers of the Faculty of Law were present.

Source: knust.edu.gh

Published by GWS Online GH : 2016-10-05

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