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Ghana Past Winning Lotto Numbers NLA Database History - Search Past Draws



This list will always be updated with the latest winning draw results so check regularly.

The latest result will always be the last in the list on the last page link at the bottom of the current list.


Ghana NLA Lotto Results For The Month

Date & Lotto GameWinning NumbersMachine Numbers
12/11/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA66-60-24-81-3650-86-88-5-10
11/11/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA60-68-52-71-3643-1-76-82-84
10/11/19 Sunday Special Lotto Results NLA12-85-43-69-3728-77-52-32-38
09/11/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA58-76-19-87-2967-8-31-22-89
08/11/19 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA16-86-46-70-8075-78-22-8-55
07/11/19 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA83-77-22-64-8014-67-17-59-18
06/11/19 Mid Week Lotto Results NLA26-60-46-61-7919-8-84-1-54
05/11/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA34-67-26-85-3155-38-81-47-11
04/11/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA64-84-78-22-3471-83-23-47-54
03/11/19 Sunday Special Lotto Results NLA 35-5-73-68-451-3-58-90-56
02/11/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA43-20-67-46-452-61-34-35-36
01/11/19 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA64-77-83-15-4647-1-45-57-84
31/10/19 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA2-76-27-8-5153-64-69-81-65
30/10/19 Mid Week Lotto Results NLA57-43-24-34-8753-77-35-3-28
29/10/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA84-60-65-21-5559-19-30-80-83
28/10/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA74-29-16-60-7835-41-76-40-44
26/10/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA63-6-35-27-8476-83-22-36-88
25/10/19 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA17-36-48-23-4050-89-37-18-75
24/10/19 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA32-7-27-17-3842-47-34-35-76
24/10/19 VAG Lotto Results NLA54-38-47-75-84
24/10/19 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA7-35-37-36-49-18
23/10/19 Mid Week Lotto Results NLA18-84-33-75-8945-3-55-44-90
22/10/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA71-61-36-74-5956-14-20-11-86
21/10/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA50-53-19-3-576-9-59-68-15
19/10/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA12-46-7-45-13-38-72-73-59
18/10/19 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA68-43-49-74-7955-15-63-52-16
17/10/19 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA14-26-29-38-4015-84-81-88-49
17/10/19 VAG Lotto Results NLA72-62-37-65-87
17/10/19 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA29-46-55-25-10-3
16/10/19 Mid Week Lotto Results NLA18-46-9-50-6235-42-60-77-73
15/10/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA76-41-58-70-1065-15-69-84-57

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