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17 Jan 2019 Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Receipt Rolfie


I am desperately in search of a photo of a receipt for medical services from this hospital. My father sent money to a woman who said she was at the hospital. I told him to ask her for a receipt and she sent him a scanned copy of a receipt - which looks forged to me. For one thing it's full of typos.

But he won't believe me, so I need to see a photo of an actual receipt for medical services from this hospital.

It doens't have to be scanned in, a photo taken from a distance, even sideways, will be fine. Delete your name, too! All I need is to be able to show my father an actual receipt to prove the one this woman sent is phony.

Thanks for any help


POSTED BY : Rolfie => [email protected]

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18 Jan 2019

Try using elements from the form above to verify your receipt. You can also call the official numbers on the above form to verify if there's a staff member with that name. You may also possibly request a copy of an official receipt for comparison.

All the best.

Above image can be located at:

19 Jan 2019

Hi, thanks for your response.

I'll give it a try!

20 Jan 2019

You're welcome

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