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28 Jun 2017 Africans Making Us Proud Abroad enustu

AbdulRahman Idris is from the northern part of Nigeria, and he just made his country and continent proud by becoming one of the first African students to graduate from Ukhta State Technical University, which is a university predominantly involved in OIL AND GAS amongst its other courses, UKHTA city is also the birthplace of OIL in the whole of Russia.

With Nigeria being amongst the leaders of the oil producing countries in the world, we understand why Idris decided to study there.
Idris testifies that Education in Russia is one of the best and also very affordable , and he really means it because he’s studied at 2 other Russian universities before he decided to transfer to UKHTA STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERISTY to hone his OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING knowledge.

Idris speaks up to 6 languages ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, ARABIC, FRENCH, KANURI and of course he speaks HAUSA.
Idris grauated with a Bsc in Oil and Gas Engineering.
Lets just say Idris his on way back home to get that OIL MONEY that everybody wishes for !!
Good luck to him.


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