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23 Feb 2016 Nov/Dec Registration Starting Date CMS

Normal Registration Period: 01 Feb 0:00 - 03 May 23:00

Late Registration Period: 04 May - 31 May 23:00

1.  MANUAL REGISTRATION FOR WASSCEClick here to download a copy of the Manual for Registration for the Nov/Dec WASSCE. 

Refer to the manual for the following:

  • Notes for the Guidance of Candidates
  • Directions to Candidates
  • Rules and Regulations of the Examination
  • List of prescribed texts for English Language (Core) 2 for the examination
  • List of set texts for Literature- in- English

2. TIME TABLE: Click here to download a copy for the Nov/Dec WASSCE

3. LIST OF MUSIC SET PIECES: Click here to download a copy of the music set pieces for the Nov/Dec WASSCE

4. SET OF LITERATURE BOOKS: Click here to download a copy of the set of literature books for the Nov/Dec WASSCE

5. SPECIAL NEEDS FORM: Click here to download a copy of the special need form

6. PRACTICAL VENUES: Click here to download a copy of your practical venues

7. Click here to download the WAEC Biometric Software

8. Click here to download the scheme for the Examination

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23 Feb 2016
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