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19 Sep 2015 BECE Candidates To Confirm Schools Selected jude.dadzie

The Computer School Selection Placement Secretariat (CSSPS) has asked all 2015 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates to confirm the schools they selected for placement through the short code 1060.

The candidates are expected to text their index numbers followed by the last two digits of the year of completion to the short code on five major networks in the country.

The acting Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mr Jacob A.M. Kor, in a statement, named the networks as MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Tigo and Expresso.

“The management implores all candidates and parents to comply with this note, please,” the statement urged candidates, parents and the general public.

Explaining further, the Coordinator of the CSSPS, Mr George Atta-Boateng, said the decision of the secretariat was to ensure a free and transparent placement for the candidates.

He said it was an opportunity for them to confirm their choices before the final placement was done, adding that each candidate selected four schools during the registration.

Mr Atta-Boateng explained that the move was to prevent the situation where people complained after placement that “we have placed them in a school that they have not chosen”.

He said when a candidate texted and the names of the schools displayed were not what he/she selected during the registration, “then you can come to our office or WAEC for the correction to be effected before we do the placement”.

Mr Atta-Boateng said a candidate who found himself or herself in such a situation needed to take along the receipt that was issued after the registration, for the correction to be effected.

Mr Atta-Boateng explained that the exercise was not meant for candidates to change the schools they selected before writing the examination.

“It is just that we want to effect corrections where a candidate chose his or her preferred schools and the system inadvertently picked different schools,” he said.

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