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06 Nov 2018
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golden detector


                                            gold detector in ghana | mega scan pro  

MEGA SCAN PRO 2018 It discovers treasures to a depth of 40 meters

Technological System of Modern & Distinctive, is Rated Device in the First Centers Globally of All German & International Bodies for Exploration & Drilling, Because the Device is Characterized by Working Through 3 Integrated Systems into a Single System Thoroughly Explore 100% Confirmed Without any Error Ratio, as Found in Traditional Devices Deployed



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Watch user video at: https://youtu.be/o7Df5kCqGZE

Mega Scan Pro a most powerful gold & metal detection device, that has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of gold and precious metals prospectors around the world. 
Mega Scan Pro with its built-in features and included accessories and special advanced technologies, is considered a professional device for all metal detection activities in all terrain. 
Mega Scan Pro is a versatile device as it contains three search systems and can detect various metals types like gold, silver, bronze and platinum. 
In addition to it can detect cavities like tunnels and hidden rooms underground, also it can detect diamonds and gemstones.


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