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Top 10 Websites In Ghana And Rising

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Top Page Ad Slot/Space ( ¢250 ), Sidebar & Middle of Page Ad Slot/Space ( ¢200 ), and Bottom/Footer Ad Space/Slot ( ¢150 ).

Ads that may require us to do some additional work ( e.g image editing, graphic design, etc ) will incur additional cost. The advertiser will have to send us an email or WhatsApp message with detailed info on where to place the Ads based on the slots/spaces given and how the Ads should behave. We will respond accordingly with the required invoice.

General Ad Placement Instructions:

Option 1 (Self Placement)
Create an account to login to the site. Click on the advert tab and fill in all the details of your Ad and then select the image of the Ad to upload. Once you are done, click on the submit button to upload and submit your Ad. Notify us via WhatsApp or email so we can send you an invoice for payment.

Option 2 (Placement by GWS Online GH)
Send details of your Ad together with any additional materials needed to create your Ad (there may be an extra charge if we have to do image editing and graphics) to either our email or WhatsApp line. We will then set-up your Ad and get it ready for publishing once payment is made.

There are only three (3) places/slots in which you can place your Ad:
1. Top of website pages.
2. Right Side & Middle of website pages.
3. Bottom/Footer section of website pages.

Control Panel:

When you register an account on the website you can track views and clicks on your Ads daily anytime you login to your dashboard. Ads are activated and begin showing immediately payment is received. The start date and end date for all your Ads running on the website will be shown on the dashboard including active and inactive Ads you have created.

Malicious/Fraudulent Behaviour:

If we discover that you have engaged in any acts of fraud or have deceived our loyal website visitors in any way, your Ads will be automatically disabled with no refund given to you. We will explain to you why this happened with evidence upon request. Free classifieds, events, jobs etc posts all go through the same scrutiny and are deleted/disabled when we discover malicious or fraudulent intent with evidence. In some cases entire accounts will be banned.

Email: [email protected]

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