900+ jobless nurses picketing at Ghana Health Service


About 937 unemployed nurses have picketed the Ghana Health Service (GHS) over the government's failure to post them after completing their national service.


According to the nurses, their skills are not being put to effective use as they are currently home and not practicing.


Leader of the group, James Aguri said: "We completed school in February 2015 and finished our national service on August 2016, but it's been eight months after our service and we have not been posted.


"We have served the government and the Ministry of Health with five petitions but they have not responded to them," he told Accra FM.


He said that "Anytime we come to see the Minister, he refuses to meet us. Anytime we come he dodges us, he doesn't want to meet us. We are now tired, we have sat home for long and we are losing our skills.


"And so today we are picketing at the Ghana Health Service against the government."


Source: Accra FM/Pulse

Published by GWS Online GH : 2017-03-29

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