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Dismissed police recruits pose security threat - Analyst


A security analyst, Nana Owusu Sekyere, has said that the sacking of police personnel from the Police Service after three months' training poses a security threat to Ghanaians.

The Ghana Police Service over the weekend sacked 206 police recruits for possessing fake certificates and having criminal records.

The sacked recruits, who were midway into the mandatory six-month training for trainees, were believed to have been improperly recruited.

But the security Analyst, Mr Sekyere believes that the Police erred in recruiting unqualified people and training them, hence they will be a threat to the Ghanaian society.

"How do authorities explain to Ghanaians after training personnel to acquire institutional knowledge for over three months to go home on the basis of incorrect and falsified documentation? How come these were not detected at the initial stages before being trained?" he asked.

"The fact that we are unable to tell what their next move is, puts us in a very insecure position and that's why we must be concerned," he told the Daily Graphic newspaper.

Some Ghanaians believe that the fact that the sacked recruits were probably not trained on how to handle weapons, they would not be a threat to the Ghanaian society.

But Mr Sekyere thinks otherwise, saying that the mere fact that the personnel have had basic knowledge of the operations of the Police service is as dangerous as having a weapon.

He was, however, content that the police had the bio data of the sacked recruits. With that, he believes that the Police should monitor the activities of the sacked recruits using measures that do not infringe on their rights.

Mr Sekyere also called on the Police Service to prosecute those who deliberately falsified their documentation.

Published by GWS Online GH : 2017-02-10

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