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  • VV Metals Company

Dear Sir/Madam,




V.V. Metals Company is a registered electrical welding and glazing enterprise with over 30 years of experience in arc welding and glazing. We design and manufacturer all forms of metal products ranging from Gates, Burglar-Proofs, Metal Containers, tunnels, billboards, window panes, sliding doors to simple machines and machine parts. We also specialize in car body works and Aluminium fabrication.

We also retail metals of all types. If its metals, then think V.V. Metals Company


Our goal is to serve all our clients and customers with best dedicated craft and workmanship in quality and perfection that is enviable by competitors.


V.V. Metals distinguishes itself through reliable, expertise and competitive pricing,


You can always count on us for:

• A personalized service

• Product quality

• Competitive price and

• Speed of service

You can contact us on the following, E-mail: vcoffie30@gmail.com / vincent@vvmetal.com

Website: http://www.vvmetal.com

Phone: +233244467070/ +233508911870

Loc: Baatsonna, Spintex Road


We look forward to building a long term business relationship and assure you of our very best always.

 Location: Blohum road, dzorwulu junction - Accra

Website: www.worlanyotours.com

Email: info@worlanyotours.com

Tel: +233247833380 / +233263582208

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