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13 Sep 2017
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Chaseholm Dairy Farm Creamery Ltd Company Canada.


Chaseholm Dairy Farm Creamery Ltd Company Canada.
1152 Greer Rd Wellington Ontario K0K 3L0 Canada.
  I am the  Human Resources Manager , under  the employment section  in Chaseholm Dairy Farm Creamery Ltd Company here in Canada Branch  , we need workers from all parts of the world to join the company , whether Skilled  or unskilled they are all qualified to join the company,a Career Opportunities include: Service Technicians, Facility Maintenance, Welding and Fabrication Experts, Sales Marketers, Administrative Executives, Laborers, Accountants, Driver,receptionist ,customer services,Engineers , Machine Operators, Software Engineers, veterinary ,Doctors , Nurse and social workers .
Life Insurance; Paid Vacation benefit; Regular training and promotion; Study Scholarship for one child of each Employee; Medical care and Accommodation for full time employees; Pension and Gratuity
You can also invite any of your friends and relatives to join us either the Branch in Canada , United State of  America  or United Kingdom ,all approved applicants are to be granted free air plane ticket and free accommodation and hospitality benefits.Applicants are only responsible for work permit visa fees requirements,contact us through this
 email:  kingstonfarmersltd@gmail.com

Your best Cooperation is highly appreciated .
Mrs. Norman Jane,


  kingstonfarmersltd@gmail.com     16474861795  

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