11 Mar 2011
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USB 2.0 Digital Satellite TV Receiver

Watch the same digital satellite tv stations offered by companies like DSTV and MultiTV for free on your laptop or pc.

No need for internet. Stand alone device catches the stations directly from satellite. No dish or box required either, just the usb stick and software provided along with antenna.

Features include:
Small antenna provides robust clear reception
Full bank reception (compliant with EN 300744 / DVB-T)
Real-time digital video recording as MPEG format
Power from USB, no external power adaptor required
TimeShifting, pause and play HDTV programs
Schedule and watch HDTV programs at specific times
Multi-channel preview to quickly access favorite programs
Full channel and territory autoscan (6/7/8 MHz)
Real USB2.0
Support HDTV Microsoft windows XP/Vista

Call: 026 267 5833 Now To Get Yours. You will be glad you did.

No monthly bills ever. Yours for life. Easy to install and use in no time. Take it wherever you go without any hassle.

A real must buy for your entertainment pleasure. Call Now!
026 267 5833

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